Myrolion Olive Oil 500ml

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Organic • Extra Virgin • Cold-Pressed • Health Claim

Myrolion is the result of family history, hard work and passion for purity. A father, a mother and their son now share their olive oil with you. Nurture your loved ones with the best the Mediterranean has to offer.

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  • Extra Virgin: Yes
  • Organic: Yes
  • Health Claim: Yes

Chemical Features

  • Acidity: 0.11%
  • Peroxides: 3.6 mEq O2/kg
  • Calories / tbsp: 125
  • Polyphenols: 250 mg/kg

Sensory Features

  • Fruitness (Mf): 4.8
  • Bitterness (Mb): 3.4
  • Pungent (Mp): 4.0
  • Defects (Md): 0.0

Bottle Properties

  • Material: Glass
  • Weight: 875gr
  • Dimensions (cm): 6 x 6 x 29
  • Volume: 500ml

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“Conscious choices in everyday life are genuine expressions of self-respect.”

Is Myrolion Extra Virgin?

Yes. The accuracy, speed and timing of our work while harvesting, pressing and storing are perceived as extravagant by most producers. Naturally we are always proven right by the results of the chemical and sensory analyses. Zero defects, maximum fruitiness.

Is Myrolion Organic?

Yes. Our family consumes the same olive oil daily, and we wouldn’t be happy to know that our food is jammed with pesticides and herbicides. So, what do we do instead?

  • Lots and lots of manual labor. What herbicides do in one hour, we do in days of hard work.
  • We let Nature do her job. Permaculture enables legumes and other naturally-occurring plant species to feed our olive trees.
  • We fight pests with trapping techniques instead of potentially harmful chemical sprays.
  • Organic cultivation limits our yield, and allows us to monitor our olive oil’s quality and keep it perfect for consumption.

What is there beyond Organic and Extra Virgin?

Oleocanthal and oleacein, among other phenols, are responsible for a great number of health benefits against cancers, Alzheimer’s disease and heart disease. Here at Myrolion, we work smart to ensure that our olive oil is rich in these phenols to secure maximum health benefits for our customers. Our luscious oil is certified with a Health Claim from the National University of Athens for its properties. The Health Claim Myrolion proudly bears states that “the daily consumption of 20g of the analyzed olive oil sample provides 7.1 mg of hydroxytyrosol, tyrosol or their derivatives (>5 mg) and consequently the oil belongs to the category of oils that protect the blood lipids from oxidative stress according to the Regulation 432/2012 of the European Union.”

Is your olive oil a blend?

No way. Myrolion is strictly monovarietal. Blends severely harm traceability and thus quality. Our trees – most older than the Greek state – belong to the local, resilient Pelion variety.

What does it taste like?

Myrolion is intensely fruity and pungent, and mildly bitter. This is great for consumers who enjoy olive oil with other ingredients. It doesn’t overpower other tastes, it enriches them.

An experienced consumer will identify the following positive sensory features:

  • Almond
  • Artichoke
  • Green Apple

Why the bottle is dyed black? I want to see inside!

As curious beings, we usually want to “see inside”. But when it comes to olive oil, there’s not much can learn just by sight. Color is not an indicator of the oil’s quality; different varieties produce different colors. An olive oil’s defects cannot be seen – only tasted. But still, why is it the bottle black?

Light is one of the greatest enemies of olive oil. Light particles can penetrate and dissolve the chemical structure of olive oil. Resultingly, peroxides are released, and they severely harm the oil’s quality. Luckily, that doesn’t happen with Myrolion. The design enables maximum self-life while allowing you to use and store the product pretty much everywhere, as long as the temperature is not high enough.

Isn’t it too simple?

Myrolion’s appearance is simple indeed. This is our mindset, our lifestyle and as a result, our product. We are not interested to fascinate visually. Quality lies within the bottle not on it. The flavors and texture of our olive oil are the absolute essence with which we want to reward consumers. As a society, we are past going over the limit to become different, we are past looks. We believe this mindset is becoming obsolete and definitely dangerous for our very planet. Simplicity equals efficiency and meaningfulness. We stick by it.

Any awards?

Myrolion exists as a brand for less than 11 months. But even in that limited amount of time, we have been awarded a Standard of Excellence twice! The awards were given for our oil’s health protecting properties. They are as follows:

  • Olympia Awards for Health and Nutrition (2017, Athens)
  • Olympia Awards for Health and Nutrition (2018, Athens)


Organic Certification 2018

Myrolion Olive Oil. Organic Cerification 2018

Chemical Analysis Certification 2018

Myrolion Olive Oil. Chemical Analysis 2018

Sensory Analysis 2018

Myrolion Olive Oil. Chemical Analysis 2018

Health Claim 2018

Myrolion Olive Oil. Health Claim 2018

Additional information

Weight 0.860 kg
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 29 cm

4 reviews for Myrolion Olive Oil 500ml

  1. Caroline Pace

    Myrolion has proven itself to be consistently flavorful, beautifully aromatic, and wonderfully pure; I find it’s perfect for cooking or simply enjoying raw over a salad or with bread.

    I’ve been using this olive oil continuously since I first tried it a few years ago and don’t plan to sway from it any time soon.

  2. Amber Clark

    This is my all time favorite olive oil. As a physician and mother of two, I am very keen on maximizing the health benefits of every food, while maintaining a flavour that my family will enjoy. I have, with Myrolion, found the perfect balance. The palate is complex and absolutely delicious. I use this product every day in almost every dish that I prepare. We have been happy customers for only 6 months, but will continue to enjoy this product (and any others that may become available in the future!) for as long as it is available. Also – Athanasios is fantastic. He has been quick to answer all of my emails and questions, and equally quick to resolve any problem that has arisen. I really enjoy the educational content on the website and am thankful that I can support this wonderful company simply by enjoying my favorite olive oil! Can’t recommend enough. 5 stars and two thumbs up.

  3. Bruce Hunt

    I’m so glad I found this olive oil! I’ve been searching for an organic high phenolic olive oil that was flavourful enough to have all on its own. And I definitely found it in the Myrolion Olive Oil. I love it! I take 6-8 table spoons a day all by itself! It’s fresh and sublimely delicious with all the olive goodness in every taste. I won’t go back to any other olive oil. I’m buying this one by the case and gifting to friends and family so they can enjoy as well. A bonus to the Myrolion product which I love is that Myrolion is a family company and I’m happy to be part of its growth story. I echo other reviews when I say that the customer service provided by Athanasios and the rest of the Myrolion team is excellent. Try their olive oil! I’m sure you’ll love it too!

  4. Galatea Georgiou

    I’ve been using Myrolion for more than a year and i highly recommend it. Rich in flavor and aroma, Myrolion also has a health claim which makes it the perfect olive oil for a healthy diet! I use it on a daily base since i got my first bottle, and i don’t plan on stop doing so!

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