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Welcome to our family’s olive forest. Feel free to explore our unique land and its gifts

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What makes an olive oil Extra Virgin? What it means for olive oil to be Organic? Enroll on our courses for free and get rewarded with discounts for every course you complete

What makes our olive oil unique?

An individual’s personality finds its way through any creative process, thus having an immediate impact on the resulting product. Meet our family and learn how and why we create Myrolion.


You need not worry about harmful chemical compounds sneaking into your meals, as pesticides are absent during cultivation and pressing processes. Instead, Myrolion chooses to employ natural and age-old techniques.


With extremely low acidity and aromatic delectability, Myrolion will only encourage a healthy diet. Our olive oil is obtained directly from olives, using solely mechanical means.


High concentrations of Oleocanthal and Oleacein turn our olive oil into a great way to brace yourself against oxidative stress, among other health benefits such as cardioprotective and neuroprotective activity.

Our single-estate olive oil is your best ally for a healthy diet.

We want you to get to know us, personally. This way you’ll not just know where your olive oil comes from, but when and how it was created, step by step!


Myrolion is exclusive as it’s produced in very limited quantities. It’s your olive oil, we’re waiting for your feedback and questions.


We record and photoshoot every step of the cultivation and production processes. You know exactly what you’re rewarding yourself and loved ones with.


Remember, we consume our product as well. We actually share our olive oil with you.
Myrolion! Greek Organic Extra Virgin Cold-Pressed High Phenolic Award Winning Olive Oil ! It’s your olive oil ! Personal, Genuine, Responsive, Certified, Safe, Nurturing


Age old cultivation and pressing techniques guarantee authenticity. We learned from our ancestors, who learned from their ancestors.


Chemical analyses, organoleptic tests and constant checks while harvesting and pressing validate and encourage our passion for a high-quality product.


Its exceptional features establish Myrolion as your best friend while preparing both savorous and health protecting meals.
Our Latest News

Extra Virgin certification 2018

Our olive oil last year was heavenly, having claimed awards for its health protecting properties and even an official health claim. However, this year it's even deeper in the Extra Virgin spectrum, and we couldn't be prouder of that. But, do you know what it...

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Go Organic

We choose to spend double the time on our groves, working with our hands, following our ancestor's ways Have you ever thought what it takes to be devoted to organic farming? A conventional farmer would have just sprayed the area with pesticides which would then sneak...

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Hello Denmark!

Our family's most precious creation is now available in selected charming spots all over Denmark. Myrolion is Organic, you need not worry about harmful chemical compounds sneaking into your meals, as pesticides are absent during cultivation and pressing processes....

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We are proud

It is our ultimate pleasure to share our Olive Oil with you

Myrolion Olive Oil. Beyond Organic, Beyond Extra Virgin. Get your bottle with one click!

Latest from the BLOG

Does Organic EVOO mean Sustainable EVOO?

We usually perceive organic products from a consumerist point of view; There are no pesticides or herbicides to sneak into our meals. And that's great. But, as a producer who spends days on his groves, I believe there's another even more important aspect. Put simply,...

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Mediterranean Diet May Improve IVF Success

A new study suggests that women who ate a diet rich in fresh fruit and vegetables, fish, high-quality olive oil, whole grains and legumes and low in red meat increased their chances of getting pregnant and achieving a live birth by 65-68 percent. A new study published...

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Component in EVOO Kills Cancer Cells

Oleocanthal in EVOO causes a rupture of cancerous cells, releasing enzymes and causing cell death, without harming healthy cells. The results of the study, which will be published in the journal Molecular and Cellular Oncology, were made public on January 23, 2015....

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