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Our family is committed to giving something back to all conscious foodies out there. We appreciate it when, as a consumer, you take the time to do research about the products you use to nurture yourself and your loved ones.

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  • Myrolion is certified Organic, Extra Virgin, and High Phenolic. It is produced sustainably to protect biodiversity and to battle the climate crisis.
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Continual Olive Oil Giveaway!

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 Olive Oil Giveaway Guidelines & Rules

1. Guidelines

To enter Myrolion’s Monthly Giveaway:

A) Feel free to subscribe to Myrolion’s Newsletter through the form on the page; your information will not be shared with third parties. Our family will use your contact details to send you 1-2 emails per month. Email content will exclusively include traditional recipes, tips to get the most out of olive oil and offers. If you provide us with your social media accounts, we only use this information to validate that you follow us and thus increase the chances of winning. Each social media profile translates to an additional participation on your behalf.

B) On the verification e-mail you will receive, click on the button that says “Yes, subscribe me to this list.”

C) On the new tab, click on the Captcha to validate you are not a bot and click on “Subscribe”.

You’re in! Now all you have to do is wait and keep your fingers crossed!

2. Eligibility

To enter our giveaway you need to:
– Reside in the European Union or the UK
– Be 18+ years of age

3. Duration & Deadline

– Giveaway deadline is on the last day of each month. You will be eligible for giveaways from the month you subscribe and on.
– The prize winner will be announced personally, on Myrolion’s social media and on a list on this page,  on the 5th of the next month.

4. Prize

– The prize will be a 500ml Myrolion Olive Oil bottle.
– The value of the prize is 24.90 EUR (value of olive oil) + 6.5 EUR for shipping costs. You do not pay for any of this.

5. Selection

– The winner will be selected with a random selection method, based on the email entry pool.
– If you have added your social media accounts, your email address will be included additionally for each social media profile. For example, if you have subscribed and you follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, you will have four participations each month.
– The process of selection will be recorded and posted on our website and social media profiles. To better follow the giveaway’s news feel free to like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram!
– If the winner will not reply to the initial notification, we will notify her/him once more after a week.
– If the winner has not replied to the second attempt, a new selection will take place in the same way, on that date.
– The same loop applies until a winner responds and accepts the giveaway offer.

6. Other Rules

– No purchase is needed to enter the giveaway.
– Void where prohibited.
– By entering the giveaway you agree to Myrolion’s privacy policy.

Our family wishes you and your loved ones all the best!

Contact Details:

[email protected]
+30 6975686677

Athanasios Demeslis
Municipal Road of Agios Dimitrios
Achilleion, Municipality of Almyros, 37008

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