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We usually perceive organic products from a consumerist point of view. Potentially harmful chemicals from conventional herbicides, pesticides, and fertilizers are absent and that’s great. However, our organic practices have a more important benefit: life is allowed to bloom in our olive groves. Managing climate change is a responsibility that we all share—farmers and consumers alike. We proudly employ natural, age-old practices to help our olive groves thrive as a diverse ecosystem.


With extremely low acidity and aromatic delectability, Myrolion only encourages a healthy diet. The combination of its luscious, balanced sensory features and its purity are the result of our careful labor, well-studied practices, and deep love for our trees.


Myrolion’s polyphenols contribute to the protection of blood lipids from oxidative stress, according to EU Regulation 432/2012. Thanks to our olive forest’s microclimate and our family’s practices, which include timely harvesting and cold-pressed extraction, our organic, extra virgin olive oil contains more than 250mg of polyphenols per kilogram. 20gr of Myrolion per day will provide the beneficial effects.

What experts say about Myrolion?

I find Myrolion very pleasant. It is sweet and balanced with delicate aromas of tomato and almond, with a touch of vegetal fragrance, like a blooming spring meadow.
It is delicious! What I like in this olive oil is its very fine taste and it also doesn’t overpower the taste of other ingredients. I also use the last few drops of it on my skin!
We have been monitoring Myrolion's phenolic profile during the last three years. It belongs to the category of oils that protect blood lipids from oxidative stress according to the Regulation 432/2012 of the European Union.
Our team created an innovative food supplement rich in anti-oxidative activity and Vitamin D. Myrolion's phenolic profile provided us with the necessary anti-oxidative properties and was crucial to our project's success.​

Myrolion is the result of family history, hard work and passion for purity. A father, a mother and their son now share their olive oil with you. Nurture your loved ones with the best the Mediterranean has to offer.

Myrolion 500ml Bottle Organic Extra Virgin High Phenolic Olive Oil Cold Pressed
Athanasios is the founder of Myrolion and love high quality olive oil

Conscious choices in everyday life are genuine expressions of self-respect.

Athanasios Demeslis

Founder of Myrolion

Customer reviews

People we share our olive oil with.

Myrolion has proven itself to be consistently flavorful, beautifully aromatic, and wonderfully pure; I find it’s perfect for cooking or simply enjoying raw over a salad or with bread. I’ve been using this olive oil continuously since I first tried it a few years ago and don’t plan to sway from it any time soon.
Caroline Pace
This is my all time favorite olive oil. As a physician and mother of two, I am very keen on maximizing the health benefits of every food, while maintaining a flavour that my family will enjoy. I have, with Myrolion, found the perfect balance. The palate is complex and absolutely delicious. I use this product every day in almost every dish that I prepare. We have been happy customers for only 6 months, but will continue to enjoy this product (and any others that may become available in the future!) for as long as it is available. Also – Athanasios is fantastic. He has been quick to answer all of my emails and questions, and equally quick to resolve any problem that has arisen. I really enjoy the educational content on the website and am thankful that I can support this wonderful company simply by enjoying my favorite olive oil! Can’t recommend enough. 5 stars and two thumbs up.
Amber Clark
I’m so glad I found this olive oil! I’ve been searching for an organic high phenolic olive oil that was flavourful enough to have all on its own. And I definitely found it in the Myrolion Olive Oil. I love it! I take 6-8 table spoons a day all by itself! It’s fresh and sublimely delicious with all the olive goodness in every taste. I won’t go back to any other olive oil. I’m buying this one by the case and gifting to friends and family so they can enjoy as well. A bonus to the Myrolion product which I love is that Myrolion is a family company and I’m happy to be part of its growth story. I echo other reviews when I say that the customer service provided by Athanasios and the rest of the Myrolion team is excellent. Try their olive oil! I’m sure you’ll love it too!
Bruce Hunt
I’ve been using Myrolion for more than a year and Ι highly recommend it. Rich in flavor and aroma, Myrolion also has a health claim which makes it the perfect olive oil for a healthy diet! I use it on a daily base since i got my first bottle, and Ι don’t plan to stop doing so!
Galatea Georgiou

Want to become more knowledgable on olive oil?

We have a created a fun series of courses to help foodies make better choices when it comes to olive oil and eating habits in general. As olive oil producers and consumers, we have learned and experienced a lot over the years and are happy to share our knowledge with you. In the courses, you will learn about basic (e.g. “What ‘Extra Virgin’ actually means”, “What makes cultivation practices Organic?”, etc.) and more advanced concepts (e.g. “What are olive oil polyphenols?”, “What is cold press extraction and why does it matter?”, etc.).

So, what are you waiting for?

Our Partners

These organisations help us deliver the best possible results. They supervise our organic practices, educate on creating high-phenolic olive oil and offer us valuable knowledge so we can turn our olive groves into a thriving, diverse ecosystem, making sure we do our part against climate change. Click on each of our partners to see how exactly they help make Myrolion a healthy, exquisite, sustainable olive oil.

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